Construct – A - Thon

The Swachh Bharath Ambassadors of Coimbatore in association with Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation come together in construction of one thousand toilets. The Swachh Bharath Mission in aim of making Coimbatore city an open defecation city. The Swachh Bharat Ambassadors organised a Construct – A- Thon event which is aiming in constructing of 1000 toilets in the city in association with NGO’s, Educational Institutions, Corporate’s, Young Entrepreneurs and Professional Bodies. The 3 month long event began on 5th March 2016


The event shall bring in 25 educational institution from which over 1000 civil engineering students will supervise and help in constructing 1000 Swachh Bharath Toilets in the city. In the view of motivating and providing a chance to young entrepreneurs interested civil engineering students can also come forward construct the toilets who are in need of individual toilets as per the Swachh Bharat BPL Individual Household Toilets guidelines. Each student will register their details and allocation of toilets will be done , the volunteer student needs to verify the site and need to provide site clearance before starting the construction of Toilet

Earlier all the participating students are trained in construction of toilets , site specifications, site preparedness and the construction manual is also provided to them.

The exclusive portal which provides the complete data about the list of toilets to be constructed, site location. The portal also serves as crowd funding platform where people can contribute amount for construction of toilet. Each contributor is updated regularly about the progress in construction of Toilets. In Constructathon Phase , Young Entrepreneurs are given chance to construct 50 toilets every week.

    Young Entrepreneurs involved in construction of toilets include

  1. Bharath Kumar , A Civil Engineering Graduate from Kathir College of Engineering
  2. Kavin Raj - A Graduate from Government College of Technology
  3. Felix Raj - A Graduate from Ranganathan College of Technology
  4. kannan and Selvam- Self Help Group young entrepreneurs involving a team of youngsters from rural areas to construct toilets

All these stages are monitoring using the Toilet First mobile app and general public and community can view the status at